The Lounge

Welcome to Coffin Lounge, an alternative lifestyle podcast that delves into the world of unique individuals, alt artists, extraordinary talents, and peculiar occupations! Hosted by “VampireKitten,” this show will take you on a journey through the shadows, showcasing the most intriguing and offbeat personalities.

VK unearths the stories of individuals who dance to the beat of their own drum. Step into a realm where the strange and fascinating collide, from spellbinding artists pushing the boundaries of creativity to mesmerizing talents that defy the norm. Whether you’re a fellow misfit or simply curious about the extraordinary, this podcast promises to leave you inspired by the vast tapestry of human uniqueness.

Embrace the dark, as Coffin Lounge shines a spotlight on those who have chosen the path less traveled. So, gather ’round, dear curious souls, and let VK guide you through the doors of the Coffin Lounge.

The Host


VK is an artist, content creator and business owner who was born and raised in Southern California. While her roots are in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles, she has always found tranquility in the high deserts of the West.

VK has a long history in podcasting, film, television and streaming. She’s been working in production since she was 18. Fascinated with the spooky side of life, the majority of her work has been on horror films or in gaming.